Anyone that needs a construction estimate or a material takeoff. This includes contractors that perform private or public work. Residential builders, commercial and civil contractors that are small or large, whether they need one estimate or multiple estimates benefit from our estimating service. Contractors that do not have the volume of construction to support a full-time estimator hire us. Contractors that have cut their estimating staff due to the drop in the construction market have hired.

There are five steps of our procedure of estimating
1): Provide your project
2): Reviewing the project by our estimator
3): Proposal is signed by both of us
4): Estimation is given to you
5): Rechecking if demanding then finalized

It varies depending on the project size and type. To give you an idea, we typically turnaround a lumber estimate on a single or two-story residential home within 24-36 hours from receiving the plans! On a single or two-story residential home quantifying slab through lintel, again we typically turn it around within 24-36 hours! Turnaround times for commercial projects vary from project to project due to the size, complexity, and uniqueness

We primarily prepare the quantity surveys and estimates in Microsoft Excel. We are also proficient with PlanSwift and Bluebeam. You can also email us one of your Excel spreadsheets that have your cost codes and material codes.

Our service charges depend upon the Scope and size of the Project. We work on a fixed price, based upon the nature of the specific project.

Human can make the mistakes in calculations but software not, and we will calculate your whole job through certified tools which makes us confident enough to our services.

You just need to send us the plans/Blueprints in PDF format of your project to get the free quote. After reviewing the plans we will get back to you with a free proposal where our charges & turnaround time will be mentioned.