Payment Terms & Conditions

Payment Terms:

When you provide us with your project drawings and sketches we will write a quote for you that will be provided to you via email to tell you what will be the cost for the service along with the cost for service there will be another attachment which is a contract, this contract is to confirm that you are allowing us to perform the work for you, after that you need to signed this contract which you can send to by two methods like: Phone recorded approval Authorization via email

Payment in Advance:

Please note we must require a down payment of 50% of the estimated cost as per invoice before we continue with the competition of your project, after that we will begin working for your project and after full payment you will receive your Final file via email.

Refund (Money back) Policy:

As a reliable company we have confidence in our service and we ensure accurate estimates & take-offs, we do support refund of the payment but we have some rules: We will refund the payment for quantity take-off service if you provide us valid and logical blunder detail in our final report. We do not refund any payment for the estimation service

Payment Methods:

Online Bank Transfer
Overnight Checks
Visa Cards
American Express
Verified PayPal Accounts

Existing Clients:

We value our engaged customers more than anything and we believe that putting trust on clients or building a strong bond is one of the best things a business can do, so for this those who have engaged with us or whom we have worked with can make payment after receiving the service.